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About Us


Martinborough Manner is a new business set up in Martinborough to create stunning jams and preserves, just like Grandma used to make. We own a six acre property in Martinborough in Cromarty Drive (behind the golf course). Since 2006 we have planted over four hundred and thirty fruit trees, berry plants and currant bushes.

We make our jams and preserves from old fashioned recipes using our own produce. Where we can’t supply enough from our own orchard we buy from local sources. Our philosophy is to create a product that doesn’t have fillers, (or additives, flavourings, preservatives), that doesn’t have inferior imported fruit to bulk out the ingredients and that tastes good. We have a huge range of fruits and vegetables to make preserves from – ask if you have a special favourite you would like us to make! We can also make up gift baskets to your requirements. Some of our products are only available seasonally – this reflects our desire to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our processes and labelling fully comply with Australian and New Zealand food safety standards.

Martinborough Manner : Handcrafted Fruit Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves : Made in the Old-Fashioned Manor!

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